Samsung Mirrorless Cameras

Samsung has some ambitious plans for its line of mirrorless digital SLR cameras.

They clearly see the potential of this new breed of camera, and intend to continue to innovate their NX line of digital cameras.

Of note is the fact that Samsung continues to release firmware updates for their first mirrorless DSLR - the NX10.

Firmware updates allow the company to enhance the functionality of the camera so that owners don't feel like their model is obsolete a week after purchase.

Defining Features

Samsung was the first company to place a DSLR-size sensor inside a compact camera body.

While both Panasonic and Olympus beat Samsung to market with their own mirrorless DSLRs, the sensors inside those cameras is physically smaller than the one in the NX10.

When it comes to digital sensors, size does matter, since larger sensors produce higher-quality images, especially in dim ambient light.

Samsung Mirrorless Cameras - 2010

Release Date: October 2010


Like the NX10, the NX100 has an AMOLED LCD screen, but that screen is placed on the back of a much thinner and more stylish frame. The smaller body omits a viewfinder, but you can get one as an optional accessory.

Movie Mode720p H.264
StabilizationIn Body
Built-in FlashNo
ISO Range100-3200
samsung nx100
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List Price: $500 USD
Release Date: April 2010


What makes the NX10 noteworthy is a fairly common feature: the camera's LCD screen. The NX10 LCD is an Active Matrix OLED screen which produces clearer and more colorful images than the non-OLED alternatives.

Movie Mode720p MP4
StabilizationIn Body
Built-in FlashYes
ISO Range100-3200
samsung nx10
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List Price: $650 USD
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