Olympus PEN E-P3 Accessories

Whether you want more power from your flash, a better grip or a viewfinder for sunny days, there are plenty of Olympus E-P3 accessories to suit you needs.

I'll talk about the most useful ones first, and then describe some of the "special use" accessories you can get with this camera.

Electronic Viewfinder

There will be times where composing your photo using the E-P3's OLED LCD display is challenging.

While OLED displays are exceptionally clear, they also tend to be hard to see in bright sunlight. Also, the LCD on the E-P3 is not flexible, so some guesswork is involved in you want to take pictures from high and low angles.

The Olympus VF-2 Electronic ViewFinder does away with some of the guesswork, especially if your only problem is bright sunlight.

The VF-2 connects to the E-P3's accessory port on the top of the camera and provides you with a display made up of 1.4 million dots.

The viewfinder can be tilted up so that you can look straight down into it from the top ot the camera — a useful feature if you want to take pictures below eye level.

The main drawback of the VF-2 is that when it's in place you cannot use the camera's hot shoe for an external flash. However, if you only using the viewfinder in bright light when you can't see the LCD, then you probably won't need a flash.

External Flash

Speaking of flash, you can get better results with the addition of the Olympus FL-14 flash unit.

More powerful than the built-in flash included on the E-P3, the FL-14 is capable of illuminating subjects at much greater distances.

The only drawback to the flash is that because it is compact in size and still sits low on the camera body, it won't completely eliminate red eye.

Another flash option is the Olympus FL-300R.

The neat thing about this flash is that you can fire it wirelessly using the E-P3. This means that you can use it off-camera if you like, and can either use it along with the built-in flash or instead of it.


If you're serious about the quality of the audio for your movies, then an external microphone is essential.

While the stereo microphone included in the body of the E-P3 is quite good, it's not ideal when your subject is some distance away from the camera or when there is a LOT of wind noise.

In these cases the Olympus SEMA-1 Microphone Adapter Set is what you'll need.

While the adapter comes with a stereo microphone (the Olympus ME-51S), you're not limited to this one option.

Once you attach the microphone adapter to the accessory port, you can plug in ANY microphone that has a stereo mini jack (3.5mm).

Hand Grips

One neat thing about the Olympus E-P3 is that the hand grip is not permanently attached to the camera.

Instead, the grip is available as an accessory that you screw onto the camera body.

This provides you with some flexibility — you can:

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