Canon Mirrorless Cameras

If this were a party, Canon mirrorless cameras would definitely be "fashionably late".

Virtually every other camera company (Nikon included) had released a mirrorless camera before the arrival in late 2012 of the Canon EOS M.

But why? Why would the top manufacturer of compact digital cameras and digital SLRs be so behind when an opportunity to dominate yet another part of the digital camera market presented itself?

You'd have to ask Canon management to be sure, but - based on comments made to the press - it appeared that Canon wanted to focus on making a smaller digital SLR rather than diving in to the mirrorless market.

This makes sense - due to their smaller size, mirrorless cameras require a new type of lens. While regular digital SLR lenses CAN be used, they require bulky adapters that diminish the camera's portability.

By creating a Canon mirrorless camera, the company has had to start over (in some respects) with their lenses. If you get a Canon DSLR, there are hundreds of lenses to choose from. With the EOS M, there are two.

Yes, you can expect this number to grow over time, but only if Canon discovers that the mirrorless segment is worth their while.

Cameras Released in 2012

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera

The first Canon mirrorless camera features the same touch-screen LCD that's available on the Canon Rebel 650D T4i digital SLR. It also borrows that camera's 18 megapixel sensor so image quality is exceptional in all kinds of available light. If still photos just aren't capturing the moment you can switch over and capture Full High Definition video.

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